The embassy of Peru organized an exclusive presentation of Peruvian gastronomy by Chef Martin Velasco at its premises on Tuesday May 30. Peruvian gastronomy is renowned worldwide for its diverse flavors, rich history, and vibrant culinary traditions, offers a wide range of dishes that showcase the country’s geographical and cultural diversity.

During the luncheon special delicacies were prepared and served by Chef Martin Velasco, a highly experienced and renowned Peruvian chef, who holds a degree from the Denver School of Culinary Arts in  USA. Chef Velsco demonstrated traditional cooking methods and which has made Peru a top culinary destination in the world.

Chef Martin wowed the guests with some delectable delicacies that included fish, chicken and dessert that provided a memorable dining experience for the exclusive gathering of invited guests.

The Peruvian ambassador, H.E Carlos Velasco in his address to the media, pointed out that Peru was rightly known as the gastronomic capital of the Americas, a fact recognized by the best chefs in the world, and their national dishes are widely known internationally, even in the Gulf region and other Middle Eastern countries.

“We have 13 Peruvian restaurants in Dubai in the UAE, three in Doha, Qatar and one is going to open in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, we will introduce Peruvian food in Kuwait,” Ambassador revealed.

He added that the capital, Lima, is full of excellent restaurants and three of the top 50 restaurants in the world are located in Peru.

He also expressed his desire to enhance the trade exchange between Peru and Kuwait, particularly in the availability of Peruvian fruits and vegetables in Kuwaiti markets. He emphasized the importance of improving this aspect of bilateral trade to contribute to achieving food security goals.

He also expressed his desire to sign agreements in the near future with the Agriculture and Fisheries Authority in Kuwait in order to establish bilateral cooperation in the agricultural field, with the aim to facilitate the recruitment of specialized agricultural technicians from Peru to Kuwait, fostering the development of crops to further enhance food security.

Additionally, Peru has also proposed a visa exemption for Kuwaiti citizens, while the embassy issued approximately 200 tourist visas to Kuwaiti visitors last year with hopes to increase this number during the upcoming summer season.

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