Oysters that may contain pearls are washed ashore by high waves and tidal movement on the beaches of Kuwait from Fahaheel to Nuwaiseeb coinciding with the Al Sarayat season.

Head of the diving team Walid Al-Fadil called this a national phenomenon. He told a local Arabic daily, “the presence of oysters on the beaches of different sizes at this time is normal, as long as their numbers are in the hundreds,” explaining at the same time that “the matter becomes unnatural if the numbers are in thousands, as happened nine years ago which happened due to the earthworks, when the oysters suffocated and died.”

Regarding the current situation, Al-Fadhel said: “We are facing a normal situation in which algae abounds on the coast due to high waves, and this is usual in Kuwait and occurs in the area between Fahaheel and Nuwaiseeb,” noting that “some of these oysters contain pearls and are found especially in the area of Al-Zour, Nuwaiseeb and Julai’a in small sizes, but not all oysters are full of pearls.”

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