Portugal Business Council Kuwait (PBCK) celebrated Portuguese National Day on 10 June in an elaborate manner in Kuwait. Speaking on the occasion, Antonio Campos, president of the PBCK said, “Portugal is a modern and sophisticated country with a focus on the future. It is able to bring together tradition and innovation in its creations in a surprising way. In Kuwait change becomes constant. Development and Innovation becomes faster and faster. The New Kuwait Vision 2035 is a great opportunity for the Portuguese companies.”

To mark the National Day, the PBC held an exhibition highlighting the culture and traditions of Portugal, as well as drawing attention to the potential of Portuguese companies, products and industries that could partner with Kuwait companies in trading and technology transfer.

The event also showcased the sustainability credentials of Portugal, a pioneer in the transformation of renewable resources such as water, wind and sun into energy. Mr. Campos pointed out that the know-how of Portugal in renewable energy, combined with the experience of Kuwait in the energy sector, could be a good partnership between both countries to develop a sustainable, more green and better future.

In addition, the exhibition presented Portugal as a tourist destination of excellence due to its diversity, beautiful natural landscapes, extensive sandy beaches and amazing weather.

Through the sponsorship of IFA Tourism, a lucky winner will be able to travel to Portugal. IFA Group is the biggest Kuwaiti investor in Portugal in the Tourism sector, with an investment of around 500 million euros, which shows that Portugal is a reliable country for investment. THe PBCK president also revealed that the council is urging the concerned authorities to begin direct flights between Kuwait and Portugal.

He noted that Portugal is a trendy country for millennials and a lot of international companies and startups are choosing Portugal to expand or establish their businesses. “It is an attractive and competitive country for international companies due to the high level of education and the ability of the Portuguese to speak multiple languages,” noted Mr. Campos. He added, “Portugal is also a trend-setter when it comes to fashion, as the country is famous for its shoes, textiles and jewelry, while the home sector, such as furniture and furnishings, is gaining more and more attention due to its modern design and excellent quality.

The event also provided a taste of Portuguese flavors, with food like Portuguese cheese, traditional sardines, salted codfish, bread infused with olive oil, and world renowned nata pastry on offer to visitors.

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