The Public Authority for Youth announced the launch of the third season of the “Youth Valley” program in the centers affiliated with the authority, including many scientific activities in the technological, technical and programming fields in order to develop youth skills.

The authority said in a press release that the project offers a “visual identity design” course for young people between 18 and 35 years old to introduce the trainee to the way the visual identity of a brand, personal or government works, starting from developing a strategy for creating and designing the logo and ending with the delivery of the project, reports a local Arabic daily.

The authority stated that the project also offers a “3D design” course for young people between the ages of 13 and 17, through which the trainee is introduced to a three-dimensional world so that at the end of the program he will be able to design three-dimensional shapes.

The source added that the “Fun Science” course for young people between the ages of 9 and 12 offered by the project, the trainee learns science in an easy and simplified way, and enables young people to do experiments at home.

The authority called on young Kuwaitis of both sexes to register for the courses, which will be free of charge through the “Youth Valley” portal on the authority’s website (

The project comes out of the authority’s keenness to invest in the youth’s leisure time and their benefit and benefit of the society, by engaging them in a number of activities characterized by scientific innovation, which contributes to enhancing and developing their skills in these important areas.

The authority stressed the importance of young people acquiring the skills necessary to succeed as future leaders, stressing the authority’s keenness to provide various spaces to embrace youth energies and direct them towards contributing to advancing the development wheel in the country.

The authority stated that it has always paid attention to Kuwait’s human wealth and has taken it upon itself to empower, train and nurture young people by offering many programs and projects available to them.

It is noteworthy that the “Valley of Youth” project consists of courses and workshops that end with a competition held under the umbrella of the Public Authority for Youth.

It includes the age group between 7 and 35 years, during which the trainee learns the basics of software, two- and three-dimensional designs, in addition to the processes of manufacturing ideas and learning the basics of artificial intelligence.

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