Passengers departing from Kuwait will no longer be required to take the mandatory Covid-19 test when flying into Dubai, the Dubai Command and Control Centre announced that effective December 6, all passengers arriving (originating) from GCC countries are not required to conduct PCR test before arriving at Dubai International Airport/Al Maktoum International Airport.

This travel update was posted on both Emirates and Fly Dubai websites.

According to the travel update posted on the website of Emirates Airlines, all passengers arriving in Dubai from the GCC countries (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman) are not required to take a COVID 19 PCR test prior to departure.

Passengers can opt to do the test on arrival at Dubai International Airport.

Not applicable on land border

However, Emirates also clarified this is not applicable to passengers arriving by road through the Hatta border, who must take the PCR test 96 hours from the date of the test before departure.

Similar updates were posted by Fly Dubai.

The site also mentioned that passengers are required to take a COVID-19 PCR test on arrival in Dubai and to quarantine until the issuance of results.

If the passenger tests positive for Covid-19, another quarantine for 14 days is required.

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