In a move aimed at preventing prolonged delays in interrogations, the Parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee has unanimously agreed to amend Article 135 of the National Assembly’s internal regulations, according to sources from Al-Jarida. The decision, made during the committee’s meeting yesterday, involves the cancellation of the last paragraph of Article 135, effectively disallowing the postponement of interrogations for more than a month.

The amended Article 135 aims to streamline the process by eliminating the provision that previously allowed interrogations to be delayed for up to eight months, with only a two-week extension option. The President of the National Assembly would inform the Prime Minister or the relevant minister immediately upon receiving the interrogation request, and it would be scheduled for discussion in the first subsequent session.

Representatives Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqabi, Muhannad Al-Sayer, Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Kandari, Abdullah Al-Mudhaf, and Osama Al-Zaid presented the amendment. The removed paragraph stated, “Postponement for more than this period shall not be permitted except with the approval of the majority of the Council members.”

The Legislative Council is slated to submit its report on the amendment to the National Assembly today, aiming for its inclusion in the agenda.

Meanwhile, the investigation committee conducted its first meeting in the National Assembly yesterday to address the interrogation topics concerning the resigned former Minister of Works, Dr. Amani Boukamaz. Representative Daoud Marafi announced that the resigned minister would be invited to attend the committee meeting on Wednesday, marking a significant step in the ongoing parliamentary proceedings.

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