Dane Bjorn Karman has invented a camera that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and information sources available on the Internet to synthesize images without the need for a lens or binoculars to verify the captured image.

Instead of relying on a traditional lens to enlarge the image and achieve accuracy, or even looking inside the camera to confirm the angle of photography, Karman designed the Paragavica device, reports Al-Rai daily.

The device relies on artificial intelligence technology to analyze and synthesize images, and it also depends on analyzing the data that is placed inside it, which in turn processes it visually and presents an image completely similar to the scene in front of the user without any lens looking directly at the scene.

The photography process relies on the use of online data, which includes similar photos and information about the photo to be captured. The device analyzes this data and translates it into information that helps synthesize the image.

Karman wrote on Twitter that “all that has to be done is to enter a perfect description of the scene with the addition of information about the exact time of the actual location, and when you press the start button, the camera will provide a visual description of the scene, that is, a live image.”

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