The Public Authority for Manpower says it is currently preparing a document to raise the minimum wage for domestic workers to 75 dinars from the current minimum of 60 dinars per month saying discrepancy in salaries based on nationality harms the recruitment sector.

A local Arabic daily quoting PAM sources indicated that according to Law No. 68 of 2015, issued on domestic workers, and its executive regulations issued by Ministerial Resolution 2194/2016, then “the basic wage received by the domestic worker and the like shall be no less than 60 dinars per month (200 dollars).

The sources indicated the authority is keen to protect the rights of these workers, it seeks to raise the minimum wage and bring it on par with workers in the private sector covered by Law 6/2010 and its amendments.

On the role of the relevant government agencies in general, and PAM in particular, in fixing the defect in determining the salaries and wages of these workers according to nationality, and trying to equalize all female workers residing in Kuwait, it indicated that the responsibility of the concerned government agencies is to implement the text of Article 19 of the aforementioned law means the basic wage that the domestic worker receives as specified in the work contract between the two parties, provided that it is not less than the minimum wage making sure that the worker receives monthly salary without interruption, and taking legal measures in case the employer delays the payment.

The sources added as for the monthly wage, it is what is agreed upon in the work contract signed between the two parties (the worker and the employer), especially since the contract is the law of contractors, provided that the aforementioned minimum wage is not violated.

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