The Public Authority for Manpower will start the accreditation of certificates of 71 professions in the engineering, architectural and agricultural fields, supporting engineering professions, in cooperation with the Society of Engineers.

A local Arabic daily quoting sources said the procedures will not only be concerned with the approval of certificates, but will also include conducting tests in some specialties and professions, as part of a plan to filter the labor market from marginal workers.

The sources confirmed that the exams will include many professions and specializations, such as “interior designers and engineering draftsmen working in the electrical, civil and mechanical fields.”

Meanwhile, a report issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information said non-Kuwaiti workers registered in technician-assistant specialists in natural sciences and engineering professions in the private sector number 30,000 workers compared to only 310 Kuwaitis.

In this context, the head of Society of Engineers, Faisal Al-Atl stressed the keenness to transfer the experience of accrediting non-Kuwaiti engineers to all professional societies in the country, and to exchange experiences with them in this field.

On the other hand, the daily has learned PAM will see changes in a number of senior positions in the coming weeks after the expiry of the terms of service of many of them.

Sources revealed the names of 4 current directors, including a woman, have been shortlisted to to occupy senior positions.

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