Today, the Public Authority for Manpower announced the end of its campaign, “Their safety is more important,” with the end of the prescribed period for banning work at noon in open spaces, from June 1 to August 31, from 11 am to 4 pm.

Marzouq Al-Otaibi, Acting Director General of the authority, said in a press statement that the authority had started organizing a media campaign and inspection campaigns to ensure the implementation of Administrative Resolution No. 535 of 2015 regarding the ban on employing workers in open workplaces in which the work is hard due to harsh climatic conditions, according to which it is difficult to perform work in open under direct sunlight.

Al-Otaibi explained that the results of the inspection campaigns carried out by the “noon work” team during the period amounted to 362 violating sites, and the number of workers present in the violating sites reached 580, and the reports received were 60, and the number of violating sites for the first time reached 362 sites, explaining that all the violating sites were the first time violators.

He pointed out that the implementation of the administrative decision represents a regulation of working hours without reducing them and not exposing the projects that are being implemented to cause delay, stressing that it came in consideration of the public interest and in line with Kuwait’s obligations to apply international labor standards.

He expressed his thanks to those who remained committed to implementing the decision and cooperating with the Manpower Authority in reporting any violation of the decision banning work at noon.

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