Abdullah Al-Mutotah

The Deputy Director-General of the National Labor Sector at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), Abdullah Al-Mutatah, said work is underway to strengthen the issue of Kuwaitizing jobs in the government sector through a ministerial decision by organizing work in all state ministries and institutions, especially ‘government contracts’.

On the issue of the obliging contractors to employ certain percentages of Kuwaitis in government contract projects, the Al-Rai daily quoting Al-Mutatah explained the percentages of national workers in government contracts do exist, but what is required is to regulate these jobs.

Speaking on the sidelines of the training program organized by PAM in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Industries Union (KIU), Al-Mutatah stated that the National Labor Sector of PAM works within its annual work plan to organize the Open Day for employment in the banking sector, which is held annually in February.

On the plan to what he called ‘equalize’ national workforce in the private sector in line with government sector employees, Al-Mutatah explained “opportunities and privileges are still being studied with the concerned authorities, and as soon as we obtain the approvals of the concerned authorities, we will announce them.”

On the issue of raising the percentage of national workers in the private sector, Al-Mutatah stated that the concept has been submitted to the Civil Service Commission for a decision. In turn, the Director of the Guidance and Employment Department at the Authority, Amin Al-Ayoubi, indicated the training course organized by the Authority in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Industries Union revolves around how to supervise training courses, organize job days and conduct job interviews.

Al-Ayoubi stressed the Guidance and Employment Department is working continuously with new sectors and with the Federation of Private Sector Companies, saying work is underway to organize an open day for employment during the next two weeks for 150 job opportunities in the private sector.

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