The Public Authority for Manpower has issued a directive prohibiting the modification of data on work permits for expatriates, specifically pertaining to their name, date of birth, and nationality.

It has been emphasized that if an employer intends to make such changes, they must follow a specific procedure. Within two weeks from the permit’s issuance date, they should apply through the Ashal service for the cancellation of the visa associated with the worker they wish to bring in.

Subsequently, they need to visit the Ministry of Interior to amend the worker’s database and apply for a new work permit, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Sources within PAM have clarified that this approach results from close collaboration between the Authority and the Ministry of Interior. Its primary objective is to prevent any potential manipulations that were previously exploited by certain parties to engage in fraudulent activities, including the recruitment of workers from nationalities whose recruitment permits have been suspended, either for an extended duration or during recent times.

In a separate development, PAM has introduced a new electronic service for canceling the entry visa of an expatriate worker.

To access this service, users can navigate to the Authority’s electronic forms portal, select the expatriate worker icon, specifically “Cancel Work Visa,” and proceed to input the application details. Afterward, they are required to submit a data validation declaration as part of the process.

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