The Public Authority for Manpower said there is no change in terms and conditions for non-graduate expatriates 60 years and above to renew their work permits.

A local Arabic daily said this category of expatriates are required to pay an annual residence fee of 250 dinars and the worker must hold a comprehensive, irrevocable health insurance policy issued by one of the qualified and approved insurance companies by the Insurance Regulatory Unit .

The authority added that the Court of Appeal issued its ruling on March 28 to cancel the Administrative Decision No. (27) for the year 2021 to issue a list of rules and procedures for granting work permits; where the appeal ruling decided to accept the appeal in terms of form and in substance, it decided to cancel the appealed ruling and the judiciary ended the litigation in the case.

The authority revealed that it had submitted the pleas to appeal the ruling of the Court of First Instance, supported by documents supporting those pleas, which resulted in the issuance of the aforementioned appeal ruling.

On the other hand, the authority revealed that work is still in progress regarding the renewal and transfer of work permits within the private sector for a period of one year for expatriate workers who have reached sixty years and above who and hold a high school certificate or less in accordance with the decisions in force with the authority.

Note that these exceptions to these conditions are in the following categories:

  1. Husbands and children of Kuwaiti women and foreign women married to Kuwaitis.
  2. Those holding Palestinian travel documents.

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