Under the directives of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al- Khaled, the Public Authority for Manpower is set to issue an executive decision that would improve women’s employment status in the oil sector, with the exception of supervisory work, including follow-up and operational work for female engineers and engine-related functions, as well as, maintenance, quarrying, and mining works, such as drilling and maintenance of wells.

Al-Khaled said that backing up Kuwaiti women in this sector would be a step-up for women’s competitiveness in leadership positions and enhance the role of women in the job system, whilst empowering them and facilitating their access to all the opportunities that meet their qualifications. He pointed out that this is one of the pillars of Kuwait’s vision and a priority in this field, stressing that the development of legislations on this matter would improve Kuwait’s index at the international level.

On another note, PAM has lifted the ban on female workers in the oil sector in the aforementioned fields under the directives of Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled. The decision opens job opportunities for Kuwaiti female engineers and women workers in the sector.

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