The Public Authority for Manpower to regulate the market and arrest violators of the residence and labor laws has launched a campaign under the title ‘Towards a Safe and Balanced Childhood’ in cooperation with the Kuwait Human Rights Society and the Permanent Committee on the Rights of the Child to prevent the employment of juveniles which is a violation of the provisions of Articles 19, 20 and 21 of Law 6/2010 regarding work in the private sector and the decisions regulating it.

Director of Public Relations and Media Department, and spokeswoman for the Public Authority for Manpower, Aseel Al-Mazyed, said “the provisions of the law prohibit the employment of those under 15 years and who have not reached the age of 18 except under exceptional circumstances, reports a local Arabic daily.

Al-Mazyed added that “the hours allowed for juveniles who are permitted to work are about 6 hours per day, with the condition that they do not work for more than 4 consecutive hours, to be followed by a rest period of not less than an hour, and it is prohibited to work for additional hours or on days of rest and holidays, or from seven in the evening until six in the morning,” stressing business owners will be punished if this law is violated. However, obtaining a work permit from the authority in accordance with the applicable controls in force is a must.

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