Despite the ruling issued by the judiciary to cancel the decision to prevent the renewal of the residence of non-graduate expatriates who are 60 years and above calling it a violation of the provisions of the law, the Public Authority Manpower has renewed an internal circular forbidding the increasing the salaries of expatriate workers in the private sector to more than 50 dinars annually.

Legal sources told Al-Jarida the instructions in the circular do not apply to citizens in clear violation of the provisions of the Constitution which guarantee the right to equality and rejects all forms of discrimination.

The sources said the circular violates the right to property, because the decision not to increase the wages of expatriate workers is subject to the will of the managers in the private sector, or rather the employer, the owner of the facility and the contracted foreign worker, and therefore is a contravention of the will of the employer to decide whether to increase salaries of foreign workers to 50 dinars or more.

The circular also violates the provisions of the constitution, which establishes the principle of equal opportunities, and such a constitutional principle will be disrupted if PAM decides what the employer in the private sector should do.

In view of those constitutional violations contained in the decision issued by PAM concerning increment for foreign workers to limit to no more than 50 dinars, violates the provisions of the constitution and is a discrimination against workers based on origin and nationality, and conflicts with the principles of equality and equal opportunities.

The PAM Board of Directors headed by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman, is under obligation to take urgent action to cancel this circular which is against the provisions of the constitution.

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