Acting Deputy Director of the Public Authority for Manpower, responsible for the Protection Sector Affairs Dr. Fahd Murad, has said the Authority is presently evaluating the possibility of allowing expatriate workers to transfer their work permit directly from one employer to another without requiring approval from the original employer.

This transfer would be permitted if it is confirmed that the sponsor has breached the terms and conditions specified in the employment contract or any provisions of Law No. (6/2010) concerning work in the private sector. The transfer between employers would also be conducted without infringing on the legal rights of the original employer, and with due attention paid to maintaining a balanced approach that ensures fairness and equity for all parties involved in the labor equation.

Besides policies to streamline the process of labor transfer between employers, Dr. Murad also elaborated on a number of other ongoing considerations. Regarding potential amendments to the Private Labor Law, Dr. Murad clarified that while no amendments have been made thus far, the Authority is actively studying various articles of the law and collecting information to assess the need for potential changes while at the same time highlighting the ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, actively considering feedback from diplomatic missions to safeguard labor rights.

In terms of domestic workers, Dr. Murad highlighted a government policy aimed at diversifying recruitment sources rather than limiting recruitment to a few countries. He added that the Authority is working on signing new memorandums of understanding with multiple East Asian countries to address citizens’ and residents’ needs for domestic workers.

Dr Murad also discussed advancements in labor complaint submission procedures, including online complaint submissions, enhancing complaint resolution processes and reducing delays, as well as the developing an individual worker file to aid in labor disputes and disagreements.

Additionally, plans are in progress, in coordination with relevant authorities, to establish a shelter center for male expatriate workers akin to the existing center for women in the Jleeb area. The objective is to enhance shelter services through collaborative initiatives with the International Labor Organization.

On a related note, Colonel Abdulaziz Al-Kandari, who leads Residency Affairs Investigations at the Ministry of Interior, further disclosed the recent interception of a human trafficking company that illegally brought in over 2,000 expatriate workers, illustrating the prevalent issue of forged official documents in such cases, he said, legal action is being pursued against the offenders.

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