The Public Authority for Manpower said during the past month it received 17 complaints from sponsors against domestic workers recruited through the Recruitment Regulating Domestic Workers Department. The statistics indicated a total of 183 complaints were received by the department from sponsors filed against offices or companies, while it received 181 labor complaints against business owners.

The sources indicated that the administration referred 63 labor complaints to the judiciary, including 8 complaints by employers of employees leaving work, while it received 37 complaints of employees complaining about holding their travel documents and 290 complaints were solved amicably between workers and sponsors.

The statistic stated that the administration collected 1,780 dinars for the benefit of the PAM and 77,000 dinars from recruitment offices for the benefit of employers. The daily also indicated the total number of recruitment offices reached 420, of which 42 were issued during last March, while the licenses of 5 offices have been suspended.

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