Marzouq Al-Otaibi, Acting Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower, recently welcomed Dr. Adarsh Swaika, the Ambassador of India, and his accompanying delegation. The meeting aimed to strengthen cooperation between the two entities in the field of recruiting and employing Indian workers in Kuwait.

Al-Otaibi acknowledged the longstanding and excellent relations between Kuwait and India and emphasized the importance of maintaining and enhancing this strong bond. He highlighted the attractive nature of Kuwait’s labor market for workers with specialized skills that cater to the country’s labor market needs.

Al-Otaibi also stressed the continuous efforts made to improve the recruitment process of skilled workers, ensuring that it aligns with Kuwait’s economic and developmental objectives while benefiting both the workers and their home countries. The meeting also addressed specific issues concerning Indian workers, with a focus on finding collaborative solutions with all relevant stakeholders.

Al-Otaibi emphasized the crucial role of the Public Authority for Manpower in protecting the rights of all workers, including Indian workers, and ensuring a conducive work environment that complies with legal requirements. He also expressed the commitment of both parties to fostering joint cooperation regarding Indian workers.

In response, Ambassador Dr. Adarsh Suika expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Kuwait, particularly the Public Authority for Manpower, for their efforts in addressing the concerns of the Indian workforce in the country. He further expressed their continuous commitment to developing bilateral relations in a manner that serves the interests of all parties involved. The meeting was attended by Dr. Fahd Al-Murad, Acting Deputy Director General for Workforce Protection, highlighting the importance of collaboration between various entities to protect and support the rights of workers.

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