The palm trees continue to fall due to thirst and neglect and hardly a day passes without the country losing an estimated numbers of date palm trees, which is not like all other trees. The date-palm tree has a glorious history but why does the palm tree not find sufficient and deserved appreciation in Kuwait?

While informed sources in the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources told a local Arabic daily that the death of about 30 palm trees planted on the road separating Rabieh and Al-Rehab areas recently, pointing out that this incident “confirms beyond any doubt that palm trees in the country are threatened with mass death, in the absence of care, lack of maintenance and the scarcity of water,” especially after recording 700 palm trees fell in most areas and main roads, dying of thirst last July at a time when PAAAFR is struggling to save the rest of the palm trees in the country, which are still subject to neglect and lack of care.

PAAAFR sources added that the causes of death of date palms is due to extreme summer heat and humidity and the severe crisis between PAAAFR and the companies with which have signed contracts to carry out maintenance and irrigation work and the problem has grown between the two parties during a recent meeting which resulted in the withdrawal of contracts by seven companies under the pretext money allocated for the practice is insufficient.

The sources say PAAAFR officials are trying to hold another meeting with the representatives of the remaining two companies to implement the works in the northern main roads sector, noting that if an agreement is reached with any of them, the implementation of the practice work will start within two weeks, to ensure that no trees or additional plantings will die.

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