In a press conference during his visit to Kuwait, Jibril Rajoub, the head of the Palestinian Football Union and Minister of Youth and Sports, emphasized the need for a strong international stance to confront Israeli settler colonialism.

The Palestinian minister praised Kuwait’s support and solidarity with the Palestinian cause, calling it a great example of an Arab and Islamic country that stands with Palestine. He emphasized that Kuwait’s support and message of solidarity with the Palestinian people highlighted the Kuwaiti people’s deep connection and commitment to the Palestinian cause, which is a cause for the entire Arab and Islamic nation.

During the press conference, Rajoub expressed his gratitude for the support and hospitality shown by Kuwait and appreciated Kuwait’s role as a second home for the Palestinian national team.

Rajoub acknowledged that Islamic political organizations, including Hamas, are part of the Palestinian struggle, politically, socially, and historically. He emphasized the need to preserve their achievements and the Palestinian liberation project.

He emphasized the importance of international pressure to maintain the ceasefire and transform it into a permanent end to all acts of aggression against the Palestinian people.

In conclusion, Rajoub highlighted the resilience and heroic resistance of the Palestinian people and stressed the need for unity and international support to end the Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state.

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