In a press conference held on 15 May to mark the 75th anniversary of ‘Nakba’ — the displacement of Palestinians from their homeland in 1948 — Palestinian Ambassador, H.E. Rami Tahboub highlighted Kuwait’s unwavering support for the Palestinian cause and its commitment to standing alongside Palestine in international forums. He expressed his gratitude and admiration for Kuwait’s stance and its continued exceptional relationship with Palestine.

Elaborating on the Nakba, Ambassador Tahboub emphasized that the Palestinian Nakba, which began in 1948, persists to this day. He described it as an ongoing tragedy, with the Israeli occupation seeking to displace Palestinians and perpetuate their suffering.

The Arab Peace Initiative remains in effect, and all Arab countries, without exception, continue to adhere to its principles. He regarded the initiative as a significant reference for the peace and political processes in the Middle East.

He expressed openness to any international effort that would contribute to ending the Israeli occupation, establishing an independent Palestinian state, and restoring the rights of the Palestinian people. He added that the protection of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the preservation of Jerusalem’s sanctities are fundamental concerns for Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims alike.

Ambassador Tahboub also shared that between 350 and 400 Kuwaiti individuals, along with official and civil institutions, have visited Palestine in the past five years. He expressed gratitude to the Kuwaiti Red Crescent for its efforts in restoring approximately 20 shops in Jerusalem’s Old City markets, contributing to the revitalization of the area.

Furthermore, He noted that 750 Palestinian teachers have arrived in Kuwait since 2017. He revealed that an additional batch of 70 teachers is expected to arrive in the country soon, reinforcing the educational cooperation between Palestine and Kuwait.

The enduring bond between Kuwait and Palestine continues to grow stronger, with Kuwait’s consistent support serving as a source of encouragement for the Palestinian people. As both nations work together, the hope for a peaceful and prosperous future remains steadfast, said the ambassador.

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