The Public Authority for Industry has renewed all 119 investors’ contracts in the Future Zone — formerly Free Zone in Shuwaikh — which means the future zone will be once again abuzz with activity after a lull of several years due to legal problems, which have now reportedly been settled.

Sources told a local Arabic daily that the commercial activities in future zone are all service-oriented and include the following – hotels, cars agencies, restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, administrative offices, banking services, health clubs, retail stores, in addition to various exhibitions.

The sources indicated that the geographical location of the future zone makes it the focus of attention for many investors, especially owners of small and medium enterprises which will positively reflect on the revenues of the Public Authority for Industry.

In the same context, informed sources revealed the Public Authority for Industry jas also approved the process of “assigning” or selling the usufruct that is currently available to investors in accordance with the legal rules followed in this regard, with the condition that all violations, if any, will be cleared before handing over the plot of land to another investor.

It indicated that the process of assignment and sale of usufruct rights remained suspended for many years due to the instability of work in the free zone, which caused investors to incur significant financial losses.

The sources pointed out that the Public Authority for Industry gave the investors in the future zone 12 months to reconcile their situation with the Ministry of Electricity and Water and the Kuwait Municipality and to pay the overdue bills and remove construction violations.

The sources indicated that the Public Authority for Industry has called on the Ministry of Public Works to repair the roads in the area, some of which are in dilapidated condition due to neglect and exposure to heavy duty trucks especially at the entrances and exits.

On the unwillingness of the Public Authority for Industry to localize industrial activities in the future zone, the sources attributed the reason behind this to several reasons, the most prominent of which are:

— A number of environmental studies confirmed that Kuwait Bay is polluted and the causes of pollution are caused by industrial waste and violations.

— The nature of the design of the future zone is not suitable for industrial and craft activities, whether in terms of designing buildings or road spaces, which will lead to the accumulation of transport vehicles, which will increase traffic congestion on the roads of the area, which is difficult to expand.

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