The Public Authority for Industry has reservations about any financial obligations resulting from the decision to transfer the Amghara scrap and allocate this responsibility to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, since the authority’s budget is independent and does not bear any other financial burdens.

An informed source said that the Municipal Council addressed the municipality regarding their request for a detailed study of a proposal to allocate the Amghara scrap site area measuring 2.5 square kilometers to PAHW and allocate a suitable location for scrap material.

The source added that the Public Authority for Industry asked the municipality to report on the possibility of adding some service and commercial activities to the proposed alternative site in the south of Al-Salmi Road on 2.8 square kilometers area, with the aim of improving the quality of services to become an attractive location or reconsider amending the decision of the Public Affairs Committee until its permanent allocation.

The source revealed that the PAHW has agreed to build housing at the Amghara scrap site provided that all obstacles are removed and the area handed over to it.

The authority demanded that the decision issued by the Municipal Council (in the event the council approves the transfer of the site) include the following:

— The entity bears the costs of establishing the infrastructure

— Who will implement the infrastructure?

— The period of time required to implement the infrastructure

— Site relocation costs and consideration of compensation from investors

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