The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) in coordination with its counterpart, the Ministry of Works says it will provide permanent protection to 3 residential areas — Al-Mutla’a, South Abdullah Al-Mubarak and West Abdullah Al-Mubarak from torrential rains.

In this regard, the Ministry of Works is about to float a tender to protect these cities from floods next December, and the project is expected to be complete in 36 months, reports a local Arabic daily.

The sources indicated that the project’s objectives are high level protection for citizens in these residential areas during torrential rains and to make use of the rainwater for irrigation and afforestation.

The sources added, “The project also aims to prevent the occurrence of rainwater accumulations, whether within the surrounding areas or areas where water may collect, and to achieve environmental protection by preventing rainwater from collecting and stagnating in residential cities.”

The sources stressed that the Ministry of Works, along with PAHW seeks to, through a set of radical solutions to contain the rain water before they reach these areas by building reservoirs and dams and water channels to siphon the torrential water away from these cities and drain the surplus through a rainwater network to avert the danger of floods.

The concerned authorities plant to:

► Make full use of torrential and rain water for irrigation and afforestation.

► Preventing the occurrence of rainwater accumulations within the regions.

► Achieving environmental protection according to a well-thought-out plan.

► Implementation of permanent reservoirs and a set of dams and water channels.

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