The Public Authority for Housing Welfare announced the partial initial receipt of a number of public service buildings in the Al-Mutla’a housing project through committees consisting of representatives of the relevant government agencies and the PAHW engineers for the purpose of inspecting the works and handing them over to the concerned beneficiaries.

In its statement, the authority indicated that the initial handover included 4 shops in the suburb N7, a gas branch, a police station in the suburb, the citizen service office, the Municipality building in suburb N8, 8 mosques, housing for the imam and the muezzin’s in suburbs N8-N7, a mosque, housing of imam and the muezzin in suburb N8, a public health center in suburb N8, and an ambulance center branch in suburb N8 during September.

During, the PAHW completed the primary delivery, which included a kindergarten in suburb N7, two primary schools for girls and boys, a main central market, the post building, the social unit building, the community development building and infrastructure services works for the suburb center in suburb N8.

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