The COVID-19 crisis has given everyone a chance to reflect on their life. Months of complete lockdown have given people the time to introspect their lives; for some it has meant forming a fresh perspective on life, for others, to approach life at a slower more meaningful pace.

In the middle of pandemic misfortunes, many people began counting their blessings, others became more committed to family, society, and the environment. Despite the uncertainties and insecurities brought on by the lockdown period, some people also found time to be of service to their fellow human beings. The expat community in Kuwait witnessed many such helping hands and compassionate hearts during this period of crisis.

The crisis has prompted some people to become more creative, to find time to rekindle and nurture their passions.  The result of one such endeavor is a book called ‘Ente Covid Kaala Smaranakal’ by Keralite author and social activist Sam Painumood. Making the most of his time during the crisis, Mr. Painumood published his book, which is a collection of his retrospective thoughts during the pandemic period. 

Having landed in Kuwait almost four decades ago, Mr. Painumood after his initial struggles adjusting to the new place soon found several like-minded people who encouraged him to follow his heart. The Indian association, KALA gave him the platform to further broaden his search for finding those who shared his passion. He soon became an active member of the Indian community interacting with the people and helping them in their times of need. The book shares some of the experiences he went through and his thoughts during the past 40 years.

The author delves on his initial experiences in Kuwait and cherishes the memories of meeting several eminent Indian political and cultural icons. He mentions one particular interaction with the former Chief Minister of Kerala E. K. Nayanar and his inspiration to promote Malayalam language in the younger generation. Through his book, the author takes readers on a journey of self-development through his experiences transitioning from an introverted young person to a responsible family man. 

He shares his struggles of learning a new language and many other instances to which an expat living in Kuwait can easily relate. His book is a chronicle of a Keralite in Kuwait and reminiscence of past days when one Kuwaiti dinar fetched 30 Indian rupees, and the pride of sending the first money draft to the family back in India.

 The author evokes emotions in the reader and a deep sense of brotherhood and community.

Author Sam Painumood


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