The Ministry of Education announced a list of foodstuffs that schoolchildren will be allowed to take with them to schools hours foodstuffs approved by the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN), during the next scholastic year.

The Al-Anba daily quoting the Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development Affairs Salah Dabsha said a bulletin circulated to schools in all educational areas show the list of items approved by PAFN in collaboration with the Ministry of Education which the schoolchildren can carry with them.

The list includes plain and flavored milk, buttermilk, milk syrup, plain and flavored yogurt; fruit juices of all kinds. Containers should be made of plastic, use of glass containers is forbidden.

Children can also take seasonal fresh fruits — apples, bananas, gourds, mandarins, fruit salad; vegetables include cucumber, baby carrots, and vegetable salads; fatayers — stuffed pancakes, white or yellow cheese with low fat and salt, labneh, thyme, falafel; sandwiches — white or yellow cheese with low fat and salt, falafel, labneh, cheese with thyme, labneh with thyme and nuts and dried fruits. This is in addition to biscuits/wafers plain or stuffed with cocoa, dates or dried fruits, biscuits with sesame added, dates or figs.

In an earlier issue, Al-Anba had published only a list of foods that are forbidden to be sold in the school canteen or that which a student is not allowed to bring with him/her — the products called energy products, including energy drinks, iced tea, caffeinated drinks, and soft drinks; full fat dairy, popcorn and puff and corn, vine leaves, cotton candy, pizza, flavored water, sports drinks, sweetened water, fruit syrups of all kinds, all kinds of chewing gum, lollipops and puffs.

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