The Director of the Legal Affairs Department, the official spokesman for the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs, Mubarak Al-Baddah, said the authority succeeded in recovering more than two million dinars until date, that was spent unjustly for the disabled, either through friendly means or by paying the full amount or by agreeing to a request to pay it in monthly installments, or through the lawsuits that the authority won in this regard.

Al-Baddah told a local Arabic daily, 260 lawsuits were filed by the authority to recover money that were unlawfully disbursed, pointing out that the value of the claims in lawsuits was 873,000 dinars, indicating that a large sum has been recovered and the rest of the money is being collected through lawsuits filed by the authority in coordination with the Legislation and Fatwa Department of the government.

Al-Baddah stated that following up on cases filed by or against the authority, in coordination with the department is one of the most important competencies entrusted to the work of the department, pointing out that 6,283 lawsuits were filed whether by or against the authority until the end of last February, including 2,846 cases which are filed against the authority are still being looked into.

He added 3,177 final judgments were issued in the cases filed against the authority of which 2,275 were in favor of the authority and 902 against, meaning the profit rate of the cases touched 73 percent, which is a good percentage to a large extent that refutes any allegations about the authority standing against the interest of the disabled, and confirms the validity of its legal procedures in this regard.

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