The Planning Committee of the Public Authority for the Disabled Affairs, formed through Ministerial Resolution No. 2 of 2023, held a meeting chaired by its acting director, Al-Humaidi Al-Mutairi and was attended by deputy directors responsible for educational and rehabilitative, medical, psychological, and social service sectors, as well as human and financial resources discussed the financial needs of each sector for the fiscal year 2024/2025.

According to PADA sources, each sector presented its requirements for the coming fiscal year, encompassing educational, rehabilitative, medical, psychological, and social services, compensatory devices, and the disbursement of financial allocations and benefits, in line with Law (2010/8) regarding the rights of persons with disabilities, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The total budget for the new fiscal year (2024/2025) amounts to 226 million dinars, reflecting an increase of approximately 29 million dinars compared to the previous budget (2023/2024), which was 197 million dinars.

This increase is attributed to the rising number of new disabled individuals, in addition to some supplementary financial grants recently distributed by the Authority, including an increase in the basic pension.

The sources added that a recent benefit approved by the Financial Allocations Committee includes an increase of 50 dinars per month in the basic pension for people with disabilities who are under 21 years of age and receive their allowances from the Authority, or for adults aged 21 years and over who receive a monthly pension from the General Organization for Social Insurance.

This increase will benefit a total of 26 thousand disabled individuals, with an estimated annual financial cost of around 12 million dinars.

The increase aligns with Article 65 of Law (8/2010), which stipulates a review of financial allocations granted to a person with disabilities every three years from the date of law implementation. The total number of disabled persons registered with the Authority currently stands at approximately 59 thousand individuals, receiving tens of millions per month in financial allocations and benefits.

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