The stray dogs have been posing a problem to the residents and expatriates living in the country and the process of combating this supposed to begin in the near future since the stray dogs phenomenon for quite some time has been a worrisome problem particularly in the country’s neighborhoods.

The Acting Director of the Animal Health Department at the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources, Jaber bin Ali, told a local Arabic daily that the authority is in the process of completing administrative matters, to sign the practice and its entry into force during the coming period, although the practice of dealing with and domesticating stray dogs was introduced last April, but the administrative bureaucracy has delayed its entry into force.

He pointed out that the contract was awarded to a company specialized in combating those dogs and that the cases of dogs attacking citizens and residents have reached an intolerable extent, after the presence of stray dogs in residential areas and commercial and investment areas became intolerable.

He explained that the competent department in the authority deals with complaints of stray dogs according to a specific mechanism, except the increase and spread of the numbers makes it imperative to move institutionally to reduce them.

Bin Ali added that 4 years ago, there was an agreement with a specialized company, which played a major role in reducing the presence of stray dogs in residential and industrial areas, and the contract expired 3 years ago and was not renewed, which left a void that caused an increase in the number of stray dogs, especially female dogs have a gestation period of 60 to 90 days, and give birth to 4 to 7 cubs in each pregnancy.

Ben Ali pointed out that addressing the problem requires concerted efforts between the concerned authorities in the country and awareness of the people on how to deal with these animals, by not providing them with food and shelter.

Jaber bin Ali revealed that the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries has received dozens of complaints from governmental and private agencies and from the people, calling for intervention to eliminate stray dogs that hover around the fences and homes of the people in the investment and industrial areas, and the fear and panic they cause, especially as they roam around in groups.

Informed sources confirmed told the daily that stray dogs breed in places that provide them with safety and food, as they are abundant in investment and industrial areas due to the large number of restaurants, and feed on dumped leftovers.

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