As the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources continue to dig deep to find out the names of those who have deviated from the purpose for which the farmland was given to them, the Deputy Director of the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries for the Livestock Sector, Abdul Mohsen Al-Mutairi the most prominent violations that were monitored during the recent inspection tours by the food security team include “exploitation of agricultural holdings and converting them into wedding halls, renting them to others, or transferring them to others.”

A local Arabic daily said yet others have transformed these lands into rest houses and parks in addition to the continuation of some of the previously recorded violations who had transformed them into factories, carpentry or warehouses, in addition to farming outside the limits of possession or setting up traps and nets for sheep or horses, as well as neglect and lack of public hygiene, as well as non-payment of annual rental fees to the Authority.

Al-Mutairi added that “under the directives of the Minister of Public Works Ali Al-Mousa, and with the follow-up and supervision of the Director-General Ali Al-Farsi, the inspectors of the livestock sector last week, sent dozens of warnings to violators in Kabd, Abdali farms, Wafra and Sulaibiya, and if the violations are not removed during the current week, the issue will be referred to the legal affairs department of the authority.”

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