According to reports of websites specializing in data leakage, the data of about 250 million accounts on the Deezer music platform have been leaked to websites that smuggle personal information in recent weeks. The music platform stated that it had been informed that the data stolen from one of its former service providers in 2019 had been published online. The report mentioned that the stolen data contains basic information about users, such as their names, date of birth, and email addresses. However, the platform confirmed that it does not include any passwords or data related to payment operations, and declined to confirm the actual number of user accounts affected by the illegal operation.

The reports added that Deezer had alerted the French authority concerned with digital privacy, Knel, in November, and had since then been in close cooperation with the agency. The platform administration also called on users to remain vigilant against online phishing and recommended that they change their account passwords as a precautionary measure.

Moreover, stolen data tracker and blogger, Damien Bancall, said that the stolen database has been on sale via private platforms to hackers, while adding that on 23 December, more than three years after the original theft, the files became available for free via a popular free hacker site.

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