The General Administration of Civil Aviation confirmed that the overall passenger traffic to and from Kuwait International Airport in October reached 1,013,505 passengers.

Imad Al-Jalawi, the Acting Director General, informed KUNA that Kuwait International Airport experienced an 11% increase in passenger traffic, a 27% rise in aircraft movement, and a 10% growth in air cargo traffic in October compared to the same period last year.

Al-Jalawi detailed that arriving passengers numbered 447,013, departing passengers reached 566,492, and the total “transit” passengers amounted to 186,359, marking a 38% increase from October of the previous year.

The total aircraft movement, including arrivals and departures, for October stood at 11,169 flights, a notable increase from the 8,807 flights recorded in the same period last year.

Regarding air freight movement, Al-Jalawi reported that the total freight movement in October reached approximately 19.4 million kilograms, with incoming freight at about 15.2 million kilograms and outgoing freight at around 4.1 million kilograms.

He highlighted popular destinations during the period, listing Dubai, Cairo, Jeddah, Istanbul, Sabiha, and Doha.

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