Oncost Qurain branch hosted a delightful celebration of the International Year of Millets on 19 June 2023 in Al Qurain.. The event was graced by the presence of the Honorable Indian Ambassador Dr. Adarsh Swaika, COO Mr. Remesh Ananda Das, Operations Manager Mr. Nitish Dey, and Marketing Manager Ms. Reham Nassar.

The event was organized to promote the importance of millets in a healthy and sustainable diet, emphasizing their significant contribution to global food security. Chef Chhaya Thakkar was also present to showcase the diverse flavours of Indian cuisine made with millets.

Ambassador Dr. Adarsh Swaika took the opportunity to raise awareness about the nutritional benefits and cultural significance of millets. He shared with customers the importance of incorporating millets into their diet, encouraging them to embrace the healthy grain as a staple food.

The ambassador also praised Kuwait’s efforts in promoting healthy food choices. He expressed gratitude to Oncost Qurain for collaborating in hosting the festivities, stating that he was confident the event would help raise awareness about the benefits of millets. Moreover, the event successfully helped spread knowledge on the sustainability of the healthy grain. The ambassador’s message was well-received by attendees, who were eager to learn more about millets.

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