The Board of Directors of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has approved the extension of contract of the Executive Vice President of Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company Al-Zour Refinery Khaled Al-Awadi for 6 months at a time when the oil sector is experiencing one of its biggest challenges for the delay caused in appointing senior officials since currently about 30 executive officers hold the title ‘acting’.

The sources attributed the decision to extend the contract of Al-Awadi to the suspension of appointments, promotions, transfer and state delegations, pointing out that Al-Awadi is responsible for the file of Al-Zour refinery worth billions, and which has entered its final stages pending operation over the next few months.

On the other hand, the sources indicated that the KPC has prepared completed sifting through the files of qualified senior oil officials and the door is expected to be opened soon for promotions, appointments and rotation.

However, the sources pointed out that lack of expertise and qualified personnel who meet the conditions is one of the great challenges facing the KPC, but there will be balance and major changes expected, dominated by young men to prepare younger generation to take up senior positions.

The CEO of the Petroleum Corporation, Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah, has been looking into the files of prospective appointees and following up their performances.

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