The Civil Service Commission said the services 13,000 expatriate employees in government sector have been terminated over the course of about five years.

A local Arabic daily quoting CSC sources indicated the government had begun terminating the services of expatriate employees in the government sector after it had issued a decision No. 11 of 2017 for the Kuwaitization of government jobs.

The daily added, before the decision was issued the number of non-national employees was 79,000 working in various government sectors and added the number fell 66,000 over the past five years. A majority of these expatriates were working in the ministries of Health and Education.

The sources added, upon the expiry of the five-year period related to Resolution No. 11/2017 on August 22, the CSC will update the new ratios for the job groups to be quantified, in ministries and government institutions, pointing out that the replacement policy will continue until Kuwaitis are found to replace, what the CSC called, specialists expats.

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