Hamad Al-Makhial, head of the noon work ban team and head of the occupational safety department in the Jahra Governorate, said in a statement to Al-Anbaa on the sidelines of the tour of southern suburb of Abdullah Al-Mubarak yesterday, which included more than 10 plots, that more than 300 companies were visited and warnings were issued to avoid violating the law and 48 hours after the violating sites were visited again to ensure the workers and companies comply.

He added in the event of the companies’ commitment, they are not subject to any legal accountability, but if they continue to violate the law, the company will have to pay fines ranging from 100 to 200 dinars for each worker, in addition to referring the file to the legal affairs department and placing a ‘block’ on the company.

Al-Makhial added after the re-inspection, we can say that 99% of the companies are committed to the decision, and this indicates their concern for the safety of their workers, noting that the violation is carried out in accordance with Resolution 535/2015, which prohibits business owners from forcing their employees to work from 11 to 4 pm under the direct heat of the sum from the beginning of June until the end of August of each year.

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