The next six months will see a “revolution” of a different kind among senior officials of the ministries and government institutions, whereby every official will be relieved of his position if it is proven that he is a waste of public money, or if he fails to rationalize spending.

A reliable source told a local Arabic daily, that His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad, stressed that the ministers “will assess the work of all leaders in the state’s agencies, and the effectiveness of their presence there, according to a single rule that does not distinguish between one from the other,” calling on them to “develop the leadership position” and set a time limit for completion of work in each ministry or agency, without undue delay,” and that “those who cannot accomplish what is expected of him will be relieved and another will be given the job.”

The sources indicated that the directives also called for “evaluating the performance of each leader in the coming period.

The sources concluded that the government has priorities that cannot be delayed, on top of which is the recovery of looted state funds, the file of money laundering and faltering projects that have been going on for a long time.

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