The health situation in the country is still stable despite the increase in the number of infections, and government sources stressed so far there are no other decisions than the decisions that have already been taken, nonetheless, there is follow-up and recommendations will be submitted by the Corona Emergencies Committee of the Council of Ministers on a weekly basis on the prevailing situation.

The sources told Al-Qabas the concerned authorities will ensure strict application of the health protocols and vital places will be under the watchful eyes — especially closed places such as commercial complexes, cinemas, restaurants, means of transportation, mosques and hotels, saying emphasis will be on those who are not vaccinated, those not wearing face masks and monitoring gathering places.

The sources said the Council of Ministers has stressed on the necessity for the owners of facilities to ensure visitors respect the health rules and regulations. Regarding people attending games in open places are not included in the decision of the Council of Ministers since they happen in open places, unlike weddings and closed-door events.

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