The Ministry of Education confirmed that what was published by some news and social media sites about the ministry’s rejection of a Finnish offer to develop education in the country is untrue.

In a statement, the ministry stated that one of the Kuwaiti companies for general trading and contracting company had submitted a letter to the Ministry of Education proposing to submit an offer to cooperate with a Finnish private company related to the Finnish Ministry of Education — according to what was stated in the company’s letter — and the letter was referred to the relevant sectors in that matter.

While the Ministry of Education categorically denied the existence of any official offer from the Ministry of Education in the State of Finland but everything that has been talked about this matter holds some water.

The ministry affirmed that it is very keen to develop the educational system and exploit all available capabilities that would advance education in the State of Kuwait.

The Ministry of Education has appealed to citizens not to pay attention to rumors and stay away from the social media and not believe in anything if the source is not official.

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