On Friday, 7 January, Kuwait reported its highest daily infection numbers since the start of the pandemic, with 2,645 registered cases of infection and 12,635 active cases in total.

In response to recent hike in the number of infections from the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and an increase in the number of patients admitted to hospitals, the Council of Ministers decided last week to temporarily ban the holding of social events in enclosed places, from Sunday, 9 January until 28 February.

Meanwhile, the health authorities have said that despite an increase in the number of daily infections, the epidemiological condition in the country remains stable and manageable. The Corona Emergencies Committee of the Council of Ministers, which is following up on the prevailing situation and submitting its report and recommendations to the Cabinet on a weekly basis, has also reported there is no cause for alarm and has so far not recommended any curbs or curtailment on movement of people.

Nevertheless, health and related government authorities have called for the strict adherence by everyone to all health protocols and guidelines, and limited entry to enclosed public gathering places, such as commercial complexes, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, hotels and religious sites, especially for those not vaccinated. On the other hand, the authorities have not restricted people from gathering to witness or participate in sporting events held in open stadiums.

In related news, the Ministry of Social Affairs announced that in view of the Cabinet’s decision to halt all indoor social events, it will refund the money paid by people who booked the ministry’s halls for weddings or other social events.

The ministry is also reported to be awaiting a Cabinet decision to temporarily stop all automatic reservations made through the ministry’s ‘Events House’ app until 28 February, provided the epidemiological situation improves and the government once again permits the holding of indoor events.

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