By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Grades 10, 11 and 12 students at New Kuwait Philippine International School in Jleeb held a one-day seminar on Media and Information Literacy (MIL). The event featured three students of the said MIL class highlighted their own personal experiences and knowledge about media and its negative and positive effects. The Times Kuwait Journalist and GMA 7 Correspondent in Kuwait Ricky Laxa was the guest speaker and Principal of the school Dr. Jesusa Puno graced the occasion.

In a three-hour seminar, speakers namely, Krystel Aresta, Samuel Belen and Haider Ali Syed delivered their own personal views and experiences on how media influenced their daily undertakings and how important it is in the society and community. Aresta gave an informative talk about media and its essentials. Speakers received great positive response from the audience. Brief entertainment also took center stage as singers perked the crowd followed by snacks. Ruth Wendelia Sibuyan, Class moderator and in charge of the MIL course ended the occasion with a brief remark.

The Times Kuwait journalist And GMA 7 News Correspondent in Kuwait Ricky Laxa delivered an hour lecture on the role of the media and identifying fake news. Certificate of recognition was later awarded by the Dra. Puno. Laxa also gave brief remarks personally to the three speakers and suggestions as to how formatting media news can be effective and create positive effects on people. He also said that news should be unbiased and to always practice self – censorship when writing or formatting news prior to its delivery either published or broadcasted.

Laxa also promised to assist the students to further enrich their knowledge on media via mentorship on actual news coverage. He thanked the organizers and school principal for a successful event.

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