The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation has launched a new service to measure the satisfaction of passengers and visitors to Kuwait International Airport, as part of its plan to keep pace with the open skies policy.

Deputy Director General of the Kuwait International Airport Affairs Saleh Al-Fadaghi told a local Arabic daily that the new service aims to monitor the observations of travelers and visitors to the airport and to know all the negatives and positives, explaining that this procedure contributes significantly to raising the level of quality of services provided to the public.

Al-Fadaghi added that travelers can submit all their comments when at the airport lounges, via a barcode, through which the traveler or visitor can enter the electronic page designated to receive all suggestions, complaints and demands by providing the passenger’s data and phone number for easy communication with him later to facilitate the provision of services.

He pointed out that the senior management recommended providing all services to travelers in a way that contributes to their quality, explaining that a quality control department has been established that monitors departments and measures the quality provided, especially those who deal with travelers directly.

He indicated that the traveler can comment or monitor the negatives or positives from the parking lot and even boarding the plane, stressing that there are work teams that will study all these observations and develop solutions to address all the negatives.

Al-Fadaghi stated the civil aviation is open to and encourages all suggestions of passengers and airport-goers, saying that “these ideas and proposals contribute to the development of work and encourage us to avoid any problems that may arise, thus raising the level of service provided to the public.”

On the other hand, Al-Fadaghi revealed that the work teams in the civil aviation continue to work as a beehive during the summer season, which is witnessing a significant increase in the movement of passengers and aircraft.

He indicated that directives were issued that employees in the technical sectors and related to passenger traffic should not take vacations during

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