Filipino household workers (HSW) are expected to start from the next month but despite the completion of formalities between Kuwait and Philippines new issues have emerged, as reported by Al-Rai. The new standard employment contract has several clauses that were not circulated to the manpower agencies and this may hinder the application of these terms and conditions for the benefit of both the parties.

Many job offices have decided to increase the recruiting rates from KD 990 to KD 1,200 to cover expenses if the applicant fails to continue working with the same sponsor. Except for those workers hired by the Al Dura Company, the new contract amendment does not allow other agencies to transfer workers to the new sponsor.

This can lead to complications as if the worker refuses to continue working at their sponsor, the agency has to bear the cost of returning them to their country and refunding the value of the cost paid by the employer.

The head of the Kuwaiti Federation of Owners of Home Labor Offices in Kuwait, Khaled Al-Dokhnan, has clarified that these are routine procedures that follow the signing of the agreement to bring domestic workers from the Philippines which may take about 10 days.

Meanwhile, Diplomatic sources expect that the Philippines employment agencies would circulate the terms of the contract in harmony with the employment agencies and the embassy. Recruiting domestic workers to Kuwait will begin within a week.

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