In a bid to enhance services and address deficiencies in various regions, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, has taken a proactive approach by assigning governors specific tasks related to services and closely monitoring their progress. Each governor is required to provide bi-monthly reports on the accomplishments in their respective areas.

Under this initiative, Sheikh Al-Khaled has instructed the governors to assemble teams to identify shortcomings in the services offered by the state in each region of their governorate. These teams will be responsible for compiling weekly reports, consisting of photographs, highlighting issues related to service provision by government agencies.

Furthermore, he has directed all relevant government entities including the Ministry of Works, the Ministry of Electricity and Water, and the Municipality, to hold weekly meetings to discuss the observations made in the reports. The performance of these government agencies will be closely monitored and actions will be taken accordingly.

Emphasizing the urgency and importance of this matter, Sheikh Al-Khaled stressed the need for a semi-monthly report to be submitted to his office. He believes that activating the role of the governorates is crucial to contribute to the cultural renaissance of the country. This approach aligns with the provisions of Decree 21/1992, which highlights the significant role of governorates in implementing government plans and fostering economic and social development that serves the citizens, regardless of gender.

This initiative aims to tackle the long-standing issues faced by citizens in various governorates. By closely monitoring the performance of government agencies, Sheikh Al-Khaled hopes to bring about positive changes and improve the overall quality of services provided to the people.

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