Kuwait has enacted laws to protect domestic workers from exploitation and abuse. According to the domestic worker laws of Kuwait (Law no. 68 of 2015) and related ministerial decisions and executive regulations, domestic workers are entitled to:

– A written employment contract in Arabic and English, which is mandatory.
– A wage not less than the minimum wage specified by the Ministry of Interior. As per government of India regulations, the prescribed minimum wages for Indian national domestic workers in Kuwait is KD 120 per month.
– Provision of free food, clothing, medical treatment, and accommodation.
– Compensation for extra work. In case of non-payment, PAM (Public Authority for Manpower) may investigate and order the employer to double the agreed wage.
– Paid weekly rest and paid annual holiday.
– End-of-service benefits of one month’s wage for each year of service.
– Domestic workers cannot be assigned any hazardous work affecting work or offending human dignity.
– The maximum working hours should not be more than 12 hours per day.

– The passport and civil ID of domestic workers cannot be retained by the employer without the consent of the domestic worker.

These advances in domestic worker laws are an important step forward for Kuwait’s efforts to ensure the safety and rights of all its residents, regardless of nationality or profession.

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