While informed sources stressed that the relevant authorities have finally approved strict measures to prevent tampering with domestic labor contracts, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry confirmed that employers, citizens and residents, have the freedom to choose the method of purchasing travel tickets for domestic workers brought in according to new contracts through the domestic workers recruitment offices according to the new pricing.

In its answers to citizens’ inquiries about the value of tickets and how to purchase them, the ministry added that the new decision does not oblige employers to pay the value of the ticket to the offices, and each sponsor can book it himself and hand it over to the office according to his choices and in proportion to his desire.

The sources pointed out that the price of the new contracts announced represents the maximum recruitment limit specified in the decision, and does not include the ticket cost and giver the employer the opportunity and liberty to control the appropriate price for him.

The separation of the value of the ticket from the value of the contracts, the sources said, aim to establish the contract and prevent the manipulation of costs by some offices or by raising the value of the ticket that changes according to the seasons, and requested the citizens or residents to pay through the K-Net only and refuse to pay in cash.

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