The National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) announced Saturday that it has won a Getty Foundation grant to study the sustainable protection of art designing and implementing metal plates that cover the spherical structures of the Kuwait Towers, designed by the Danish architect Malene Bjorn in 1968.

The council stated in a press release that this grant comes through “Keeping It Modern” program, which preserve the urban heritage of the twentieth century, especially buildings of exceptional global value, to witness an opportunity for scientific progress.

The Secretary General of the Council, Kamel Al-Abduljalil said that this grant is considered an opportunity for scientific cooperation and knowledge exchange to preserve the heritage of modernity He pointed out that 90 applications were submitted for this grant and 13 buildings were selected, one of which was Kuwait Towers. Kuwait Towers won the Aga Khan Award in Islamic Architecture in 1980 as it represents distinctive design and symbol of Kuwait modernity.

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