The Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) announced that it has received 13 reports against crimes and suspicions of corruption during January and February. According to the statistics, a copy of which is received by a local Arabic daily, the authority said 5 reports were received last January and 8 in February.

According to the statistics, the reports included 10 government agencies — the Ministry of Electricity and Water, the Ministry of Interior, the National Guard, the Kuwait Municipality, the Central Agency for Public Tenders, the Silk City and Boubiyan Island Development Authority, Kuwait Oil Company, the National Assembly, the Ministry of Works, and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport.

On the issue of financial disclosures, Nazaha said 126 respondents continued not to submit their disclosure statements, representing 0.5% of the 27,799 leaders and officials in the state. The authority stated that as of last February 28, the sector concerned in integrity had received 27,673 financial disclosures, of which 15,344 were first time disclosures while 8,499 leaders have updated the declarations, in addition to 3,830 final declarations.

The sources pointed out that the top five government agencies that submitted the returns are ministries of Justice, the Interior, Accounting, Fatwa and Legislation, Kuwait Municipality”, while the highest job descriptions contained in the report include department managers, members of cooperative societies, experts in the Ministry of Justice, members of the General Department of Investigations, and judges.

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